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July 13, 2003


Did you buy your ladybells or did they just "show up"? I have something very similar to ladybells that just showed up in my garden one year. It's an ineradicable weed called Campanula rapunculoides. It looks almost the same as ladybells, as a matter of fact, I haven't yet figured out how to tell the difference, except that invasive is never mentioned in the same breath as ladybells.

I've claimed Ladybells from a few sources, all trades with other gardeners. The Adenophora will spread a bit, as it will reseed energetically, but a bit of timely attention seems to keep it in bounds.

Many of the Campanula are terrific spreaders, running from the root and traveling deep. I've patch of cherry bells that is rarin' to take over the world. They haven't yet stepped out of bounds, but when they do, I will be in your situation.

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