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April 24, 2005


Nice site you have going here.
I to am a S.E.Mich gardner. I have owned various properties through the years and enjoyed gardening in them all. My Wife and I have recently purchaced a home that had been owned by a erlderly couple who planted and maintained extensive gardens on just under a acre of prorerty for approximately 60 years (I was told he worked at Franks Nursery). Unfortunately it had gotten to large for them to handle as their health failed them, so we are in the process Identifing. (the collections of plants, trees, shrubery and perenials),weeding and general clean up which I figure will take the rest of this year as well as a good part of the next.
I was wondering how you went about setting up your site, as I would like to share some pics of this gardners paradise with others, as well as chat with other local gardners.

I hope you both are enjoying spring.

Happy gardening


Actually Ken, my site was easy. It is hosted on TypePad, which is a service that provides just about everything you need for a journal site. They supply the web space servers, the program to write in, everything but the content.

You can read more about their product here.

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