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July 14, 2005


Is Cyperus alternifolius the same thing as papyrus? I believe papyrus is a Cyperus species... not sure, though.

I want one! I love ponds and water things... and I like the way whiskey barrels look. Wonder if I can get one (or three) cheaper since it's the end of the season. Use two for plants and one for a pond.

To the Cyperus query: an answer.

Regarding barrel ponds: I get most of my stuff at the end of the season. Three pots sounds like a great equation, but remember you want fish for mosquito control in all three.

With a pot as big as a barrel, you can probably get away with buying 4 or 5 'rosies' for each of the plant pots - these are tropicals that are 'feeder' fish, very cheap and with little or no personality. At least half of these will die the first week, fish those out and toss them on your compost pile.

Rosies can be used for mosquito control in a whiskey barrel pond then?

Yep Dave, they can.
They have the benefit of being very inexpensive.

Thanks Jen. Guess I'll have a go at a barrel pond then here when in a month or so.


Ihave a very large Koi pond with waterfalls - the whole shebang and twnety one Koi of various paired ages and sizes and breeds. I love it and now my husbnad is setting up a whiskey barrel pond for the midle of our rose garden near the top of the falls that go into the Koi pond. WE intend to use it for the eggs and then small fry that will hatch after the Koi spawn. We bought the plastic liner for it and someone told us that we needed to let the liner sit in Clorox X 3 days and then rinse thoroughly before puttingin the water we will be using for the Koi eggs and small fry. I know that when you havev had something like this which was already used for fish or any other water wildlife and then switch it, you need to "burn" the holder, , or in ths case the barrel in caaset of any parasites and such from the precious residents ...but is this neessary to do to a new liner?????? I thought maybe yes becasue platic for these liners has a peteroleum product i it - but I don't know really ...Does anyone have the answer? Thanks so much.


Shari in Washington State

Wow, Shari, that set-up sounds fabulous. I'm sorry that I don't know the answer to your question.

I just let the plants and water sit in the pond liner (one of the plastic preformed jobs) long enough for it to seed with mosquito larvae, then added my fish.

I've never had babies to worry about, and don't know what they will require.

Good luck!

i have two ponds one inground one above ground i raise fish beautiful koi i keep fountains running all summer for aeration
i have plants like cattails water primrose yellow flag parrots feather and bog reed

Wow, Matthew, that all sounds fabulous!

What state are you in?

Nice work on the Whiskey Barrel Pond and I really liked your shot of Benny the Koi. I've bookmarked your site and will check often to see updates and how things are going. Good job!


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