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April 06, 2006


That's good! What does filk mean?

Hmmm... Gosh. Off the top of my head, a filk is sort of a folk song, that borrows it's melody - and offtimes much of it's humor - from an old standard or current pop song.

Wikipedia says that I'm revealing another of my hobbies - science fiction conventions - by my use of a word that arose out of that genre. Filk, Wikipedia entry.

From the same article, a quote: "We have taken our right to be creative and to literally "play" in the best sense of that word."
- Sally Childs-Helton

Play, it's as good for the soul as the dirt under nails from a garden!

Okay, so what you are saying is the new words to this old tune were written by Tamena, but you found it through the LJ Gardening community. Now I understand what I need to know, and learned a new word, to boot.

That's great and I can't get it out of my head now! I like the new word, 'filk'. "When the bugs bite, When the weeds thrive"...

That is really very clever! And so, so true....about so much to do!

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