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May 30, 2006


I noticed a comment made in Sylvanna's post that you put your little "green squigglies" out for birds to feed on...now how nice are you!! I like to hear of kind gestures to all our visiting wildlife!! I hear you on the heat so quickly we are experiencing the same cannot keep up with the watering!! I do LOVE the smell of suntan lotion after our LONGGGGG winter!

When I find cutworms or grubs, I throw them on the driveway. It's a regular diner out there, and the birds fly by to check it out on a regular basis when I am in the garden.

I also have a large saucer that sits on the ground in the border next to the driveway that acts as a birdbath.

We down south surely aren't laughing at the misery of going from winter to summer with hardly a pause for spring. We share your pain...at least half of it. And we have no desire to share the other icy cold snowy half.

Rather than get used to the heat and humidity of early summer, followed by burning drought of late summer, I find it more difficult to face each year. At least I have fall and winter to look forward to. I don't envy you having to suffer the heat and then go on to freeziing cold at all.

Even though we hit 100 in April (unusual), this week it's been rainy and cool. I think it was only 82 today. Lovely.

Hey, thanks for the comraderie, M.

I try to remember to be careful about "oh, it's so HOT" - when it's 90, which is right hot for us, but others get worse... or "It's SO humid" when Michigan gets nothing like the oppressive damp of the steamy south.

I should have known that gardeners are side by side in lamenting sudden shifts of weather!

Too much or too little... there is a post there, I'll just have to remember to write it.

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