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June 26, 2006


Psst - that's pelargonium...

Love the name of the garden, by the way! Hogglebog...

The Japanese Beetles have just arrived in my garden, lots of handpicking and if the rain clears up I'll put out a pheramone baited trap tomorrow. These spikey bugs you have are interesting to look at, hope they're something benign.

Your critter is the larval stage of some bug... I see ladybug larvae all the time, eating aphids, but you critter's antennae are too long for a ladybug, I think.

Its a leaf-footed bug nymph.
They are evil on tomatoes, other fruits and pecans.
Don't know how they are with anything else.

Here's a site with some good pictures:


Ah HA! Thank you, Amy.

As I am growing lots of tomatoes this year, these guys are toast.

Too bad, as they are kind of cute, in a hedgehog sort of way...

Fascinating bugs and now that you have an identity for them it makes them even more interesting. Yes, cute "in a hedgehog sort of way..." and I see why they will be "toast"!

Eek...I cringe just looking at those things! I know I have to toughen up about these things...but, yikes, those guys are creepy!

For future reference: Bug Guide! You may know this already.

I've been drowning lots of Japanese Beetles around here lately.

Bug guide is great, but I was useing their search and entering 'red nymph' and all I was getting were aphids and assassin bugs. No leaf footed buggies...

So, the indexing is a bit tricky.

Those are some wild looking insects!

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