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September 23, 2006


I can see why you were enjoying your calendula. It's beautiful.

And growing it from seed as well! All the more satisfying.

gosh, I guess I never knew that peonies have colorful foliage. Mine always withered to the ground in the heat and there was no foliage at all in fall

Stuart: The calendula were easy from seed. I got 100 percent germination to full-grown plants!

Bill: Ah. I guess I never thought of them as ephemerals! They are green background foliage for the entire season for us, providing good backbone for other plants. I need to get south and go garden visiting. Be a good theme for a vacation. Hm.

I also like calendula. I planted a few this year, though not from seed. All of your flowers look beautiful.
I have also noted the nice coloring of foliate on my Festiva Maxima. Most people don't realize that the foliage on that one looks so nice all year.

Very beautiful saturated photos. Thanks for posting them.

Ki - The light was great that day, that color is natural!

My little camera does a pretty good job - it's the Kodak EasyShare DX7630. It does fall down a bit on getting macro focus on pale items - which is frustrating for me - but otherwise I continue to be amazed by what I can do with it.

Lovely flower pics!

The yellow waterlily is gorgeous - had to laugh that it's misidentified - happens to me all the time too, always a surprise when a newly purchased lily blooms to see if the tag is *true*.

I love these pictures. They are so bright and vibrant, its almost like I can smell the flowers fragrance's right through the computer. My Dad grows beautiful peonies, roses and canas (canies)but he is the only one with a green thumb in our family when it comes to flowers. I do enjoy his beautiful flowers every chance I get. I can grow a mean vegetable garden though. Thanks for posting these pics.

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