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September 08, 2006


Hello Jenn,

I came here from Cold Climate and can't resist a garden tour - especially if the houses are adorably quaint like this cottage. And since the ticket fee goes for a good cause, everyone wins - how often does that happen now?

You're probably tired of hearing rhe Texas gardeners complain, but not a single monarda stem had the oomph to produce a flower here this summer, and they should have been that lovely true red, too. I like the way the owners put a white flowering border in the deeper shade aligned with the monarda bed.

I'll be back for part 3.


Enjoying your tour, Jenn.

What a trooper your Mark is to chauffeur you to all the gardens on such a hot day!

I will be waiting for part three.

I'm a sucker for a garden tour. It's fun seeing what you have to report. What a good guy Mark is. I am famous for dragging my family along on garden tours. Clover Cottage, so sweet a cottage!

This place just looks awsome. How nice the weather looks (It's rainy and 60F here. :( )

Love that stone cottage! Beautiful!

Hey I just figured out how to get to your blog! Dummy me. :) Oakland county?
That's beautiful. That hot week wasn't too long ago - as I write this it's 39 degrees and winter is fast bearing down on us...

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