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September 26, 2006


I am forwarding your blog to a friend of mine who lives around here too...he is a landscape designer/horticulturist type dude. I know he'll find it interesting. :)

That's cool. More the merrier.

Beautiful flowers. Love the pink one especially. We`re in the same garden zone here too. I wish summer was a longer seaon instead of dratted winter!


These plants look so healthy. Good photos. Will be stopping by again for more info.

I was wondering what "CAD" and those terms in your job description meant...now I know what you do!

Nice photos!

Beautiful shots!Great to see your blooms and what a great colour too!I like the 2nd picture,but I wonder,what flower is it?

Hi Fern!

The plants shown above are a Clematis (the blue/violet) and Rose (the pink).

Thanks for stopping by!

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