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December 30, 2006


Looks interesting. Not at all familiar with it.

This is also a new plant to me. Is it at all invasive? I have some grasses that I'd like to rid my garden of, but this looks like one to add.

Thanks for visiting! I have always admired that grass, but have never had shade! It looks beautiful!

Jenn, is that small, very pale blue flower in back of the grass a campanula? What's its name... it's a real cuty (like the balloon flower, too).

Hi Bill Carol (oops)! This grass does not spread agressively, but it does want a bit of moisture - it likes Michigan's hot and muggy just fine. If you have an area that keeps a bit of damp, you should try it. I'm not sure what your climate is - Texas having such a wide variety of them. You being near the river might give you opportunity for a bit of irrigation? It's worth a try without pampering, too, but I suspect for you it will want some supplemental water.

Hey Don: that flower looks looks blue in the shade, it's actually white. That's the campanula persicifolia.

There is a very electric looking pale blue variety of this plant - Chettle Charm.

I've not had trouble with these plants in my garden, but I understand they may be a bit agressive if they like where they are located. They prefer full sun, but that one in the back is in what amounts to dappled shade with a shot of sun for about two hours in the morning. It's stunted but still throws up its flowers for me.

Snickers and I leave our plants up during the winter to give interest to the landscape and also give the critters a place to hide and nest. That way Snickers always has new critters to sniff out.

Sharon, we enclosed part of my flower bed to enlarge the dog's yard this year.

When the foliage was up, it covered them entirely, and it was fun to watch their progress by the motion they created.

Now that it is battered down with the wind and rain, they still like to go through, sniffing, sniffing, sniffing! Such Fun!

What a great post about a very pretty grass, Jenn! I don't see Hakonechloa listed in my TX gardening books - might be too hot for it.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

One of my standbys, too. Can't beat it for a warm glow in a shady spot. Plus it's a good stay-small grass.

Oh, now that is pretty. I'm one of your non-real-gardener readers! I planted a similar grass two years ago in a semi shady well drained corner of the house and it refuses to grow....guess I will pull it uip (though I hate pulling up plants) and try again...

Great post, Jenn. I've looked at this grass so many times, but never purchased it.

Semi shade it what I've got, so I may take another look this spring. It does look beautiful.

Hi Jenn,

Thanks for dropping by my site and Happy New Year to you also.

Keep up all the great work on your site and in your garden!

Thanks for stopping by- my blog! To satisfy your gardening curiosity, I'll have some India and switzerland observations and gardening tidbits a little bit later on!



Hi Jenn,
The grass looks stunning next to the balloon flower. I thought it looked different than I one we have so I ran out and checked the label. I have the H. "All Gold", yellower ( is that a word?) and without the variegation that yours has. I just plunked it in the ground without much thought but I see from your photo that I should think about companion plants for the grass. Thanks for posting the photos.

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