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December 05, 2006


Those are great photos! Especially the one of your cute dog, I like light and shadow effect.
6 am and snowing, yippee. I may drive the dogs to the river park when it gets light, before work.
I have a barrel of goldfish that sits on my back deck until it starts freezing seriously. I just moved it inside....it is not large or deep enough to keep the fishies alive in winter. So, I have a barrel of fish in my living room. :)

Fabulous dog photo! I am counting the days to celebrate the solstice. Your words say it all--I agree, winter isn't official until that "painfully short day". We leave our goldfish (& koi) in the water garden and make a hole in the ice so they get air. We have a surprisingly good survival rate. Brrrr, it's cold.

Carina - That must make an interesting water bowl for your pooches! I don't have enough room to bring the pots in complete, so they get broken down into components...

Judith - I dream of the day when I have an in-ground pond set up. Until then it's barrels and bowls!

Jenn - little terriers are great agility dogs, and when they're not, they have high entertainment value! I say try it for fun....if Bailey doesn't have focus now, he'll improve with classes.
Mostly, it's just a blast. Too bad you don't live a bit further north, I train at two places...the one in Hadley is very laid back and we have lots of fun.
In fact I'm about to head out there now....last practice before this weekend's trial.....

Laid back is where I want to start. There's a place in Novi that starts off with training sessions for 8 wks, and then has course time available.

I don't know of any place that is 'near' to me. It's going to be at least a half hour ride whereever we end up.

I remember that feeling when I lived in WI: just counting days till spring. I have hardy lilies now too; hope they survive outdoors here

Most of my life was spent in Northern Illinois, so my bones remember that cold! Austin has a comparatively mild winter - at night we have freezes, and there are cold, windy days, but not enough to make the ground itself freeze... that makes a major difference.

I hope your water lily makes it!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Hi Annie...

You guys get just enough winter to appreciate what we up here bellyache about!

The pot with the lily took three days to thaw. Sigh... we won't know until spring for that, but the fish is happy to be out of his ice bubble prison!

I enjoy the rest we get in winter, but am ready for spring about the time that Christmas is over, which is, as you pointed out, just about when winter "officially" begins!

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