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January 17, 2007


Oh no! Nice pic, though. :)

Brrr! Maybe the ice will act as an insulator and keep the buds from dying. Luckily the quince around here in NJ actually bloomed although for some reason ours did not. In fact there are no buds on the shrub yet though it bloomed last year. Maybe we have a smart quince.

I think your stellata buds should be just fine unless they started to unfurl. Ours are getting quite large and we were afraid they were going to bloom but luckily they held off as the cold came in.

Back in IL we'd sometimes see our lilac buds covered in ice - they frequently bloomed anyway - hope your Magnolias are okay, Jenn.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

I hope your magnolias are okay... I know that you're bummed about the quince, but at least you got a very cool picture out of it.

I feel like "odd gardener left out" since we have not had any really bad weather *yet* this winter. We are almost holding our breaths waiting, because eventually we know we will get something... some ice, perhaps snow. But for now, I am happy not to be on your list of crazy weather links! I've been checking them out and offering my sympathies.

I know as much about gardening as I do about thermonuclear engineering (less than you'd think. No, really). What I can say authoritatively is that that is one cool picture.

I may have to lean on you slightly for help come spring, when I get started on the outside of our place. I hope you don't mind.

Be happy to help, Chris. You are in a more severe climate - but I can point you to plants that will do well and other people's sites that are in similar conditions.

The starting point is determining what your 'zone' is - The USDA map is in general use even through the Provinces that share borders with the States, although I have heard that Canada puts out it's own version, so watch for some confusion on that front. Here is a map that shows Canada.

Depending on where you are located - you look to be in zone three.

I can sympathize with you regarding frozen flowers. I hope yours pull through like some of mine have.

The photo is lovely. We finally got several inches of snow this week, so are beginning to look like Maine in the winter.

Beautiful photo! Seems like it's been a strange winter for so many gardeners.

Thanks for thinking of us Vancouver folks. It's starting to warm up here, finally. But who knows if it'll stick? What a weird winter.

That's one really astonishing photo!

That is an incredible picture. But, oh...the agony!!!

Maybe it's just testing the waters in readiness for it's big season??

Poor buds -- but a fab photo. I saw Narcissus in bloom here today (WAY off schedule) and now Winter-Come-Lately has finally decided to make an appearance. Found your blog through Garden Rant, along with some others. Thank God. I blog on Livejournal and have spent hours looking for fellow garden bloggers there, without much success.

Awww. Poor thing. I took a photo of some crocuses coming up a few weeks ago, and the irises were starting to emerge in my front yard.


You might check out the LJ community on The Gardener That should give you a fair start at finding us.

Carina: I've been afraid to look at it since the ice came off. I think I'll wait and look come spring... call me coward!

yep, 3b is us.

Great photo - the poor tree :( I'm visiting via the Festival!

Welcome, travelers from the Festival! Have a comfy seat, grab a cuppa and above all, stay warm!

Lovely photo, I hope the buds are okay through the bad weather - but you're right they shouldn't be budding like that yet anyway.

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