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April 22, 2007


That should be an interesting trip, Jenn - with you and your mom wrangling plants and pups across the middle of the country.

April should be a nice time for the drive, much more pleasant that moving Southwest in late July the way we did. Is this a good time to see the desert in bloom?

Good luck and I hope you have fun,


Have a great trip, and I hope you enjoy your new home in Arizona.

It's one of the things I love about America - that people can just pack up and move across the country and start all over.

I was thinking about it this weekend when I was driving. There is a town near here that claims that Billy the Kid was not shot and killed - he moved to Texas and died of old age in that particular little town.

Probably not. But I like the sentiment. Not that I am comparing anybody to an outlaw you understand.

On the other side, I have walked away from gardens that I've spent years working on and that's hard too.

Good luck in Arizona.

have a good journey :) see you and your mom and the babies soon.

Thank you, Mz W, for taking a part of your day and sharing. It was GREAT to meet and greet you two. Well worth the trip!

Good luck in your next adventure! I hope to never have to move from where I am now, but I still cannot bring myself to plant a rare cutleaf tanbark oak in the ground. Just in case. Because no one else could possibly care for that tree properly, you know. :)

We will miss you in MIchigan.

I hope Arizona turns out to be all you hope for. I will look forward to your new postings.

Wow - that's quite a trek - and a whole new way of gardening, I'd imagine. Can't wait to read your Arizona stories!

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