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May 13, 2007


I always thought there was a difference between topsoil/garden soil and mulch.

You and me both, Pablo. You and me both!

I have always thought it strange that about half the potted plants I get thru the mail are planted in bark mulch.

For the longest time I couldn't figure out why water would just run thru the pots (I figured the mulch was just on the top).

Now I know where those plants came from (regardless of where I bought it from)!

Ugh, I know. I had a potting soil emergency and ended up going to Target's garden center and got a bag of the cr@ppiest "soil" I've ever seen, it was mainly wood chips.

Jenn, is there much soil present or is it all rock underneath? It sounds as if the soil is thin and sandy to begin with, you have dead trees to add ' brown' elements, the only 'green' for the pile has to come from irrigated areas, and the heat burns up organic matter more quickly.

Maybe local manufacture of potting soil just doesn't work and you either get bark, or have to get better soil shipped in from somewhere else.

I can't believe how much we've paid for soil and amendments since we came to Austin.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Hi Annie!

I actually haven't taken a shovel to it yet. I am working on planters and the patio for the summer. Some of the plants I carried down here were basically bare root, so I need to get them into pots.

Hence the purchase of the so-called 'topsoil.'

I got lost today, and found a huge lot full of what looks like fantastic topsoil at the junction of the 101 and the 202... how I can get some is another story entirely. It looks like a place where they dump lawn waste - one of the piles had that rotting grass color to it...

I've also got a lead on horse and chicken droppings, some already composted. I'm going to pick some of that up this weekend, maybe, and then I'll mix that with the 'dirt' I bought and it just might qualify, at that point, for my definition of 'planting mix.'

We'll see what we shall see. It's all a learning experience!

Hi Jenn,

hope you are getting settled in your new garden and your new blog space.

Thanks for your nice comments last winter ... I'm finally getting back to some of my gardening activities.

Look forward to seeing pics of your new garden.



Mia, so good to have you back in the dirt with us.

no matter where you move, there will always be soil problems. I find that talking to the neighbors who have a beautiful garden is always a help.

Melissa gets the win!

With a comment that actually relates to the content of the post, and a link back to her business site, she gets to stay.

Thanks, Melissa. I'll take a gander 'round your book offerings today.

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