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August 26, 2007


I've been wanting to get some Gambusia for my new pond because they are inexpensive and, from what I hear from other pond owners in Austin, not particularly picky. People report putting them in horse troughs and like. Apparently once you have them, you'll always have them and you'll be looking to give some away.

I await with interest posts on your continuing experiences with them.

mss @ Zanthan Gardens

Yeah, because I'm getting this sort of thing:

A new TrackBack from “Pond Supply” was received on the post “A Fishy Story: Big Mama and the Boys ” of the weblog “Garden Djinn”.

I read your negative comments about our company. Online pond and aquarium supplies, fish car

* Source site: Pond Supply
* Title: Pond Supply
* IP address:

My negative comments about WHAT COMPANY? hello? And of course, the link to 'Pond Supply'? Goes to a page that informs me: Forbidden
You don't have permission to access this page.

So not only do I not know WTF they are talking about, I'm not PRIVILEGED to know.

This is what the spammage has come to lately.

And the result?

Delete, delete, delete. Too bad, so sad, show me your face and ask me to (a) explain my negative comments or (b) retract them after you explain what negative comments you are perceiving - and perhaps you will get a better review.

Maybe this guy is a Gambusia and he's got size issues?

Heh. I took out part of the http addy and got a site. Maybe, just maybe, what we need to do is start reporting these idiots to the Better Business Bureau. Because it's what - some legal term - to accuse me in a published format of doing something I did not do.

"I read your negative comments about our company. Online pond and aquarium supplies" is a false accusation, and casts a shadow on MY character, as well as gives a telling portrait of THEIR character.


I'm currently trying to stock my pond with "coy"<- spelling and some water plants. Not sure who to really get them from, but I am thinking of trying www.TulipWorld.com. Has anyone bought from them before?

Sounds like you had a great fish project. I hope it all turned out good.

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