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September 17, 2007


Hi Jenn,

When you talk about a place to grow seedlings in the shade of an orange tree, you sure are not in Michigan any more! I've grown a few of the plants you're thinking about, Snail vine, Juliet tomatoes and the ferny-leaved relative of Cardinal creeper called Cypress vine or Hummingbird vine/Ipomoea quamoclit.

Your red yucca sounds like it's the same one we grow in Austin -Hesperaloe parviflora? They're cool plants, but not fast growing. I picked up a seedling at a Master gardener sale in spring '05 and hope to see a bloom stalk next spring.

When we first moved here there was a field we passed where Standing Cypress/ipomopsis rubra bloomed. The field is still there but I think the deer moved in and eliminated the plants. I've never grown it but saw it again in a wildflower border at one of the gardens from last summer's pond tour. Good luck with getting seedlings.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Yep, the Hesperaloe parviflora is the one.

They are slow growing, and probably I'll get a lot of die-off, but the seed pods on the plants in the courtyard at work had little babies sprouting right out of them on the plant. SO CUTE!

So I have quite a handful of them to start. They seem rock solid desert adapted, so maybe the little plants that I do get will be what I plant out front as my legacy to this rental house.

From little seeds do great gardens grow!

I've grown both the palo verde and hesperaloe (red yucca) from seed. I cover them with composted granite sand, water, and eventually something sprouts. Lindheimer senna is supposed to be easy to start from seed. Does it grow in Arizona?

Lindheimer senna:

I think I've seen this one around. Pretty sure I don't have any seeds from one tho. I'll have to keep my eyes open, lots of stuff is seeding now as we end our bake season and enter extended summer.

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