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September 21, 2007


Very very true. If you do start up a new page for these green living thoughts, I really hope that you post a link to it here so I can find it. It IS very confusing, and sometimes you find that things you thought were helpful are either worthless or, worse, have negative ramifications that you didn't even consider in the first place.

p.s. I LOVE the idea that you have to think of buildings like trees, and a city like a forest...

I think there's lots of potential here...

Gosh, last time I checked in you were in Michigan--what an exciting adventure to be gardening in AZ!!! I've always wondered what it'd be like (as a gardener) to change climates.
Funny, thinking about trees as if they were buildings...this morning, walking down an allee of locust trees at the border of Brooklyn's Prospect Park, I was thinking how I now see them as outdoor sculptures, (and this allee as a "site-specific installation" of them), and how this has spoiled all manmade outdoor sculptures for me 'cause they never ever measure up to trees! (which also do all that other stuff you mentioned)
Good luck in the desert!

Thanks, Brenda.

Boy it was a quick decision and an equally quick move. We are both fully employed for the first time in our 12+ year relationship. Feels weird.

We still have the trailer and property in Michigan. We are going back up this weekend to clear out the garage in preparation of selling it.

Whatever am I going to do with my Grandfather's 13 foot hand built mahogany canoe?

I've got lots of photos of Arizona, but have been busy, busy, busy... one of these days I will get them posted.

Hey thanks for visiting my site, and what a wonderful analogy your quote puts forth.

I had no idea that you are such an avid gardener!

Very thought provoking post. Thanks for the stimulus to my synapses.

As for changing garden venues, after working my way from Los Angeles to San Francisco, to Santa Barbara, I was hired for a weekend design slam in northern New Jersey a few summers ago. Talk about having to be a quick study! The same folks then hired me for a project in Palm Springs.

For me, the design principles never change - good design is good design. The complexity comes from creating a vision that works with materials that will provide the aesthetic and functional features we need, and also guaranteeing sustainability and assuring everything will thrive with minimal care.

PS: I'll be adding your link to my site. Gotta share the wealth!

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