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November 17, 2007


Hi. I tried to do what you are doing. I moved from CA
to NC to Cave Creek. If I said it once I said it a hundred times: if you want to garden in the desert you have to bring your own dirt! Have you discovered Phoenix Home and Garden mag. yet? It's exquisite and a truly good resource of inspiration. My favorite probably down there was Baja Fairyduster. Mine loved me. The first time I went to a cactus nursery I was terrified I might FALL! (i.e., into a cactus). Mostly got over that. Tried all kinds of things I should not have. My rosemary always thrived. I'm back in CA again. Could not take the H-E-A-T! Good luck!

Hi Kathryn!

I've been collecting an odd lot of plants, trying to see what I am capable of keeping alive. My rosemary came down from Michigan with me, and seems to be doing fine.

And I've a baby Fairyduster, love the ferny little leaves!

Hope you are doing well where you are now. I'm on a journey of more than a few years, although, ironically, I hope to retire someplace that has seasons... (contrast that to all the folks that come here to retire!)

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