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February 29, 2008


It looks like a fine city...an interesting place to live and garden. So very different from here...especially at this time of year, when we're wallowing still in snow. Thanks so much for taking part in this project!

And thank you, Jodi, for bringing us all together. Fine idea for a meme, this is.

And...on top of Signal Mountain--is where my dh and I first kissed!back in 1977! lol You did a good job with your new surroundings. Dh and I were stationed at Williams AFB--it's not there now but is close to the cities of Gilbert and Higley. We always said we would name our first child either Gilbert Higley or Gilberta Higlett. Now did we do that??? Our kids are grown and glad we didn't. I loved Phoenix!!

Yes, it is a good idea for bringing us all together. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello.
Phoenix sounds very different from here with its dry climate. We were close to the city once when we visited the Grand Canyon, way back in '79.
Your photos are wonderful. I hope you settle in and enjoy gardening in your new area.
You've been camping in NY?

Jen ! Thank you so much for posting on my blog ! .. Are you a transplanted Canadian to Phoenix ?
Wow .. now that has to be one difficult place to garden.
I secretly ? ADMIRE the South Western themes .. cactus/succulents fascinate me .. the desert at night with a clear sky must be absolutely awesome !
Your pictures are beautiful and the area must be stunning !
Keep in touch : )

I love the Sonoran desert - in the winter! Arizona is so beautiful, if it weren't so hot in summer I'd move there.

Anna, so glad little Gilbert Higley wasn't saddled with that moniker. Ouch!

Kerri, I've been to Darien Lakes with a bunch of friends. They've been to some others and liked all of them. We were pulling a group together that consisted of midwesterners and eastern sea-boarders, and upstate new york seemed like the place to be.

Joy, I'm originally from SE Michigan. Grew up in Detroit, the only place on the continent where Canada (Windsor) is to the south! Been up in Ontario many a time, both to visit Canada, and as a 'short cut' to the eastern states there. I drove a car full of architecture students through the short-cut to the thousand lakes are of New York to view a competition site - bridging the two countries with a point of entry there...

Hey McG D - yep, we are creeping back toward the summer already. The 'cool season' doesn't last long around here!

One thing I'm reminded of as I read through all the geography project blogs is how vastly different the terrain can be from state to state, province to province -- and yet, how very much the same in many ways. Thanks for sharing your corner of the world with us!

Very much enjoyed your post for the GBGP. Don't you just love the Anna's hummingbirds! We have two that have been visiting regularly since we put in several blue black sage plants.

I find it funny that 1100 feet is "low" desert. Our house is at 1100 feet and we are near the top of a ridge!

Wow what an interesting garden challenge. If I moved there I would have to totally relearn my gardening craft (not that that wouldn't be fun!).

Great post.

Big sky country. Yeah, I know that's Montana, but it looks like it applies to Phoenix as well. Have you read "Yard Full of Sun?" If not, you MUST get it. It's all about creating a beautiful desert garden on the outskirts of the Sonoran Desert, and it's great!

I've been to the Grand Canyon twice and was blown away by its grandeur. The first time I went with my DH and our two small kids, so our hiking was limited. I was so taken with the canyon that I arranged a mule-riding trip to Phantom Ranch at the bottom for me and three friends the following year. It was an unforgettable experience, very fun.

Hi Pam!

Scott Calhoun has recently come on my radar, so your book recommendation is just verification of a good thing!

I'll start with Yard Full of Sun. He's got others, and he's semi-local (Tucson metro area), so he's advice and experience is Exactly what I am craving!

And for all the desert lacks blue in it's flowers (the lupine being a purple and fleeting thing) it makes up for in sky. Nothing quite like a southwest sky.

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