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February 02, 2008


Thanks for visiting my blog. Your comment on the garden gate caught my eye. It must be wonderful not to worry who enters your garden. Over here in South Africa crime is so that you will need a lock and some large dogs too. As seen from our point of view I would not think anything of having to ask permission to enter. At least then they know who are on the grounds.

But Ericat, your blog is open. I was able to see your posts and leave a comment on your content.

And I found you on Blotanical, too.

What I don't understand is why somebody would list their blog on Blotanical and then 'lock' it away 'to invited readers only' - I was taught it wasn't polite to wrangle a way in to where you were not invited.

Many a teary day when other girls went to parties and I did not...

So to see it out here - Hi! I'm having a party! But Oh! YOU'RE not invited.

Makes me sad.

I agree with you on this. It is nonsensical to list your blog on a public blog directory and then announce that no one can read (unless invited).

The difference between living in North America and South Africa is that we want to be inclusive ...

I was sorroy to hear that you are without a job. That plain sucks and I hope that you spend lots of time on Blotanical reading the rest of our blogs - it's uplifting , I've discovered this past while with the nasty weather we've had.

Hey Kate - That link is deliberately misleading. The 'friend's only' website wasn't one of those!

But otherwise, you nailed my complaint exactly: "It is nonsensical to list your blog on a public blog directory and then announce that no one can read (unless invited)."

That blog was not always restricted. It has been pretty quiet lately, and I suspect she forgot it was even listed at Blotanical. She is in my blog roll; I'm not sure whether to remove her or not.

I agree, it doesn't make sense to not allow anyone to visit your blog if you list it on Blotanical.

Sorry about your job situation, and hope everything works out for you.

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Tough call, Matthew.

I'm not sure what I would do in a similar case.

It would seem evident to me that your forum is by its very nature an open one, so that closed journals - who don't benefit at all from being listed - would be encouraged to not participate.

On the other hand, she probably made it private at a later date and has not realized the listing is now moot.

Do you have her email? I suspect a polite query - 'You've closed your journal, would you prefer to be off the Blotanical listings?' might resolve things cleanly.

Hope to see you posting more often, however, the lay-off part is tough. I agree with you regarding closed blogs listed on an open directory. I've run into this issue now and then and it's always made me wonder what they are thinking.

Good luck with things.

Hey Ellen, thanks. Nice site you have!


Huh. I hadn't run into that before. Doesn't make a lot of sense.

Sorry to hear about your lay-off. Been there - it's tough. But at least you'll have lots of time to blog! :)

Andrea -

I don't think it happens much.

And I suspect I'm making a much bigger deal of it than I might on a normal day. Little too emotional after a layoff, maybe...

But it sure has generated a lot of energy in the comments!

Sorry to here that you are involuntarily in the job market. Good luck!

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