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March 09, 2008


We are such fans of Goldfinches .. and we have to hold tight until well into May most years . BUT when they come it is WONDERFUL ! .. we have two feeders with the nyger seed on the go for them .. other birds pick up the slack with dropped seed .. but that glorious colour and singing .. you can't beat that !

Although I haven't seen them lately, I know that goldfinches overwinter in NJ. They are one of my favorites too. When do the hummingbirds show up? My brother-in-law who lives in NM has tons of them and all different kinds. We are lucky to see one hummer every year. ;( And only the ruby throat.

I'm in Michigan also. The finches have been singing for a week now. I love them. We noticed the males are starting to change color to that beautiful yellow. What a treat to watch them devour the seed daily.

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