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March 20, 2008


If you are looking for information on California native plants, check out the Gardening With Natives site at http://www.gardeningwithnatives.com

Well Arvind,

Your zone nine near San Fran in no way resembles my dry zone 8 low desert, but your site looks like a great resource for those who are in a more humid clime.

Your native plant sale on April 12 looks especially enticing.

Good luck!

The search looks interesting, I used to subscribe to Mother Earth way back in the 70s, but have not read an issue in years.

Hey Iowa!

I used to have all those Mothers. My mom took them all the time I was growing up. It was great to read about startups and ventures in the back-to-the-land movement.

I regret that they got lost when I was in college and had no place to store them.

Mother doesn't do reprints, because so much of the stuff they wrote about back then is out of date today. (and dangerous)

Or maybe they got one to many lawsuits. Really a shame, because those magazines where treasure troves of knowledge, much of it grass roots and historical. Sigh.

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