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March 21, 2008


These are just glorious...thanks so much for sharing them. I can only dream about seeing wildflowers around here...none for a while, at least til the snow stops coming.

And who said deserts are barren? Fellow blotanist, here. Just went on a Wildflower hunt last weekend! Isn't a blast? We live in California. If you want to see some pics of our wildflowers feel free to stop by and read my recent post. Can't wait to see the rest of our blotanical friends' spring flowers, especially where it's snowing!

That chaparosa is just stunning! I have never been fortunate enough to visit the desert when it was in bloom, much less when it has had a banner year - I'm glad you shared with us.

so so gorgeous.

Yeah Chris.

This is not your desert, but you know it. I wonder if our two deserts, so densely interwoven as to have no true border, share a heart.

I am so happy that this is the spring that followed our moving here, this banquet of bloom to remind me that after foresummer and monsoon and winter rains again come flowers...

That looks like a lovely hike! Thanks for sharing the pictures. :)

Looking at your second picture, I'm reminded of my attempt to seed a similar flower combination of bluebonnets and poppies in my lawn, but with no luck.

Gorgeous! It almost looks as though they'd been painted in. :)

Wow! I have never seen desert flowers in person.

The desert is an amazing place, Eliz, and the Sonoran is unique in many ways.

This year is a banner year for the flowers - a year like this comes every decade or so. I was lucky to see this my first spring down here!

Desert wildflowers are just spectacular, all the more so because they are rare. Really makes one appreciate them, doesn't it.

I was stationed in Arizona for a couple years, and it's surprising how much I miss that climate (well, maybe not considering how much rain and snow we got up in my state this winter). It's amazing how beautiful it can be in the desert.

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