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April 06, 2008


He's beautiful. You're so lucky to live where you can see this kind of wildlife. I get no lizard sexy at all up in Portland.

Very cool lizard.

What a truly hansome lizzard!I have encountered a few myself while vacationing in your wonderful Paradise on earth! You are blessed having the pleasure of residing here!
sunkissed for awhile..NG.. a snowbird from Canada.

Lizard sexy maybe, but it'd scare the heck out of me if I wandered out into my yard and spotted that guy early in the morning. :)

Maybe we just don't have enough lizards up here in Washington. I'm more likely to spot squirrels in the garden.

Very cool lizard. Interesting it would sport such dark colors in a hot and sunny clime.

Now that is one sexy lizard, I hope he found the love of his life!

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