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April 06, 2008


It really is the small things in life that make it enjoyable, isn't it?

You can keep African Violets alive in the Sonoran Desert? I can't keep them alive in MA nor could I in MI.

Greetings ~

Your post sure brought back memories of our first summer here in the Great Basin High Desert of Northern Nevada! Never in my life have I used lip balm and hand cream before! We also lost a lot of plants that first summer. I'm doing better now, but this is only our 3rd spring here.

My small blessing for the week is that the sugar snap peas and sunflowers have germinated.

By the way, also love the photo of the lizard. They aren't out around here yet, but I am hoping they will invade my garden again this year.

I'm on travel for work next week, so now I have something to do while hanging out in a hotel - I can check out the rest of your site.

Thanks for a cool blog!

4% whew! And I thought 20% in the winter with the drying heat was bad.

Hey whatsmatta with your African violets. Don't they know this is the environment where they should be thriving. Actually it's not. They like high humidity. But when you think of Africa, desert seems to be the first association. African violets' scientific name is quite interesting - Saintpaulia.

Wow..what a wonderful small flowers. that reminded me my those days when I used to go in farms. I love flowers & such a wonderful flowers represents our feelings very well.

When I have an AF rotting out at the base, I cut some of the leaves and put them in shot glasses with water with a bit of foil to keep justs the stem in the water. Then I can watch them grow new roots. The biggest mistake I make is waiting too long to transplant back into the dirt.

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