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July 27, 2008


Ugly? I think they're wonderful! The only thing I've seen like that in the UK is black plastic circular ones. I would love a couple... And you've filled them with gorgeous plants too. Definitely the Year of the Beautiful Ponds. I have string algae too (we call it blanketweed here). It's a pain, but it does have one great benefit: wildlife like frogs can use it like a platform to sit on, or to help them get in and out of straightsided ponds like these.

Very nice.

I like the idea of the fry swimming around the tank

Thank you, Victoria!

Those tubs are stock waterers - the low one is for sheep, and the tall for cattle and horses. You may be able to find similar out in the farmlands of the UK. Give it a look! I bought mine from a feed store. Phoenix is interesting in that it mingles the horse properties right in the fabric of the neighborhoods, so feed stores like this are local.

And I do think that the wild and wooly is beautiful, too. I was just thinking more of an estate pond and less of Walden when I was dreaming these up.

Every day brings adjustments to the gardener, no?

Thank you so much for the kind comments over on my blog:D
I've just had a trawl through the strange world of British agricultural accoutrements, and I can't find anything as nice as your stock tanks. I have a 'proper' raised pond, but I love the idea of having more little ponds dotted around the garden. However, the UV bulb went on my pond clarifier yesterday, and managed to blow the circuits for the whole house, so I think I may just stick to admiring yours for now ...

Just seen your comment about starlings on Victoria's blog.

Not sure if you would like them if a flock invaded your garden and set about tearing the leaves off everything, tossing them about, apparently for the fun of it.


But maybe they don't go about in gangs where you are? Admittedly, close up, their colours are stunning - like puddles of oil.



P.S. I expect flock is the wrong word and there's a special word . . . like a flurry or something. In fact, come to think of it, I know there is . . . just can't remember . . . !

Hey Victoria. I'm sorry you don't seem to have these tanks over there.

Before I had these, I had half whisky barrels with a plastic insert for the ponds. Those worked well, where just big enough for a betta fish, and held some nice plants. Little small for water lilies, but lots of other plants would work.

Not sure if these would work with your jungle modern aesthetic. They worked really well with my 'patio' (otherwise known as a concrete driveway) and fine, modern in 1973 doublewide mobile home. (er... you call them caravans? Or are those motor homes?)

Hi Lucy!

Yes, starlings flock around here, too, in large family groups, and then at change of season, huge migratory flocks.

In Michigan the birds that loved to rip apart the beds where the little native song and chipping sparrows. Beautiful nuisances.

In Arizona, it's the curve billed thrashers, and true to their name, they thrash stuff all over the place... not quite threshers, but close...

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