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February 20, 2009


Sorry to find that you are out of work. Good luck in finding a new place of employement that is challenging, interesting and that you enjoy!

Thank you, Bogie.

Jenn... sorry to hear about your layoff (or is it a good thing)? Every once in a while (usually in the winter), I also think about Anne of Tender Dirt, and wonder where she ended up.

Well, Don, it's not a good thing. Fortunately, I am working on picking up contract work and keeping busy.

Down here we don't get that lift from spring I so loved in the Midwest. Instead we step from the comfort zone to the furnace. Summer is a time to hunker down and survive. I'm not looking forward to being out of work during that season. It's just too depressing.

So I'm especially glad for folks like you, who provide that spring report card to one who feels like an expat.

I sure miss the green smell of spring.

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