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February 13, 2009


That's hilarious.

But imagine if the size of the signs were reversed and you never knew about the sales? Do you think any money you would have saved during the "sale" will be overshadowed by the cost of gas and time you've spent trying to get to the sale?

Well that just sucks.


Good point. But some warning of new hours on the big sale sign might have been a customer service save...

Anyway, I spent all my available discretionary funds at the Arizona Renaissance Fair yesterday, so Sun loses out.

My next 'funny money' day won't happen for over a month while I save my allowance up.

What were you looking for, Jenn? Maybe I could direct you to a couple of reputable suppliers.

Thanks, Bill.

The first problem here is that I like the folks at Sun. They really are my favorite.

The second problem here is that they've lost their chance to get their share of my discretionary funds. As of Friday last week, I am unemployed.

The world turns.

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