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May 24, 2009


Excellent post, Jennifer! I've always hated pest control services and would cringe every time they came to spray inside and outside the house. I had always accepted it as a necessary evil. Then I started educating myself about the desert and ultimately took a landscaping course. One of the subjects was "Integrated Pest Management" which I embraced immediately. I fired the pest and weed control services and have lived chemical free for a few years now. The occasional scorpion who might make its way into the house is quickly searching for an escape from the cats :-)

Your little ponds sounds beautiful. We all need to be reminded that nature works fine on its own. Unfortunately the mass media propaganda machine tries its best to brain wash us into thinking otherwise.
I'm looking forward to see more dragonflies and butterflies in my yard this year.

I grew up in the midwest and do not recall ever being bugged by bugs. Now that I live in the Southwest and have relatively few issues with bugs, they bug me anytime they come around. When we eat outside the flies naturally come around. I sit ready, my fly swatter positioned.

The blue is back today

I loved your post- very inspiring!

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