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November 14, 2009


I am sorry to say, other than a barrier, there is little that can be done in this situation. I have had a number of similar problems living in the Cave Creek desert!

I wish there was better news!

Nature is on duty 24/7!

I've been doing battle with this bird for about 3 months. The CD's worked for all of about 10 minutes. The only thing that worked for me was screen. The birds don't see to care about my succulents. Instead they dig up any veggie seedlings that are less then 1 inch. I put a bunch of bird food in another area of the garden and ever since they have left the veggies alone.

Nice to meet you!

I wish I could help. I have a cat that does the same thing to my indoor plants... they're like a buffet for her, lol. (sigh).

Good luck :)

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