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January 19, 2013


It's damn cute too! Maybe I'll need to go back and get that one after all, thank you so much for posting this picture!

They grow really slow. This one I picked up at Lowes for around $5 several years ago, it's just ready this summer to come out of the 1 gal pot. It's about 14" high right now.

This is the first time i am seeing picture of this species of cactus.Its looking cute!I have heard that it is the largest cactus in the USA.

Seems like your cactus is definitely growing healthy. Do you know that this type of cactus can live up to about 200 years old and become up to 75 feet tall.

Nelson - Yes, I do!

I am in Phoenix. This plant will go in the ground soon, probably at a friend's house who recently lost a mature specimen to a storm.

If I had my own home, and wasn't a renter, I'd be creating a desert landscape in my front yard. Sad being a renter.

That would be very great! Can you share some images with us when this beautiful cactus has in the ground.

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