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February 19, 2013


I did the count in the bajada of the Tucson Mountains, in my admittedly huge (14 acres) backyard. I got 28 spp in two morning counts. So I'm really greatful for our little paradise. But I also very much miss two that you listed: Inca Doves and Canyon Towhees (oh, yours were Abert's) They were regular breeders, as was the Western Screech Owl and they completely dissapeared during the last 5 years. That's sad, especially as there is no directly obvious reason (new developement)http://arizonabeetlesbugsbirdsandmore.blogspot.com/

Oh, your losses sound much more severe, and very sad. I am hoping that the unusual winter here sent my bird friends further south.

I have noted a Gambrels Quail family in my yard in the past, but that was when the two neighbor houses were unoccupied and had wild yards for forage and cover. Their absence this year was expected.

Renting is frustrating. Were this my yard? I'd be putting in bird habitat!

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